Jul 7, 2016


High tech furnishings might conjure up a vision of exposed cables, but much has changed over the last few years and technology now serves to make a space more inviting, comfortable, flexible and productive, therefore, more profitable.

The trend towards these high-tech environments has already been embraced by global chains such as McDonald’s, Costa and Starbucks who have recognised that the addition of wireless charging stations drives increased footfall to their venues. This intelligent technology meets the demands of mobile device users to stay powered up on the move – simply pop in for a coffee and recharge.

Charging units can be installed discretely into a variety of interior products such as soft-seating, cafe tables, bar tops, desking, bedside tables and accessories for hospitality, office and home – adding extra functionality to any environment. The slimline chargers come with sleek polished or leather surrounds and introduce accessible charging without the need for cables cluttering spaces. Taken a step further, businesses can add their venues to an app which allows users to identify locations where they can charge and go.

Advances in high-tech furniture can also be seen in the commercial interiors lighting industry. Smart lighting can be integrated into soft-seating pods for breakout spaces, and incorporated into desking solutions. Research has shown that companies investing in this technology help to increase productivity by reducing fatigue associated with conventional lighting. Manufacturers have adopted mood lighting options with a variety of power and colour settings to allow the user to tailor the light to their own specific needs. Energy efficient features, such as presence detectors and sensor controlled lighting, mean that not only are these products effective in improving the wellbeing of users, but they also reduce power bills… which will help pay for that over-priced latte as we power up.

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