Jul 2, 2021



Wellbeing is the biggest buzzword for the office interiors sector and it’s here to stay after the focus over the last year has understandably turned to health. The health of employees actively affects the health of a company overall.

You can’t have wellbeing without a little bit of relaxation thrown in and what better way to promote this concept than with the Regent collection from Connection UK.

With a design befitting its name, the Regent is a commanding and elegant statement chair. The high back chair provides partial visual and acoustic privacy whilst allowing the user a moment of relaxation or focus to escape the distractions of an open plan space. 

With fabric that hugs you while you sit on it, pair the chair with the footstool and you have the ultimate ‘moment-to-relax’ experience in the office.


Feb 10, 2021


Yes, you read that right, from jeans to a chair. And not just jeans, we are talking army gear, coffee bags and suits all made into chairs and stylish storage.

ANN x PLANQ Materials

This innovative method of production comes from a brand called PLANQ, their aim is to transform low-value materials and turn them into high-value interiors. 

Did you know?

 Planq Jeans-02

Planq Jeans-03

Anthony Gray, PLANQ UK partner said "It’s these staggering facts about fast fashion’s impact on the planet and the world’s poorest people should make us all think twice before buying something new to wear. This highlights the importance of PLANQ’s mission in creating a sustainable future by transforming low-value materials into high-value interiors."

By embracing the circle design process, PLANQ are bridging the gap between contemporary design, sustainable innovation and environmental awareness. 

The outcome: stylish furniture.


From stools, chairs, tables and storage solutions, PLANQ creates unique pieces of furniture made from local resources as much as possible and recycle leftovers in a circular way*.

Within the furniture industry, we are already seeing plastic being used to create new furniture, but PLANQ are taking it a step further by using different materials such as clothing. So rather than all this clothing going to a landfill, it’s turned into contemporary furniture. 

This is a trend we can really get behind. 

Below is a look at the PLANQ products.

Unusual Chair


"As an example, The Unusual Chair collection shows that you can turn textile waste into unique, sustainable, environmentally friendly, and above all high-quality products, instead of destroying it. This Scandinavian inspired collection of products consists of 12 pairs of recycled jeans which is approx. 3.5kg of textile waste and saves up to 16.275 litres of water." Anthony Gray from withann.

Reo Chair 

(Image courtesy of Ann Future Workspaces)

Ubu Chair 

(Image courtesy of Ann Future Workspaces)


(Image courtesy of Ann Future Workspaces)

If you would like to know more about any of the products listed above or would like to request a brochure, send an email to [email protected] 

*Side note: What is the circular economy? 

Wondering why we keep using ‘circular’ throughout this? We are talking about this in relation to the ‘Circular economy’. The circular economy is an economic system aimed at eliminating waste and the continual use of resources.

Feb 3, 2021

Let's furnish the world better 

Do you know how much commercial waste goes to landfill each year? 

Answer: 37.2 million tonnes per year. 

To put this into perspective for you, that’s the equivalent of 3 million London double-decker buses per year. 

In the commercial interiors industry, it is our responsibility to start making changes to reduce waste and lessen the amount going to landfill each year. That’s why at Saxen we have started a new initiative, Regener8.

What is Regener8?

Our new Regener8 project aims to reduce your environmental footprint by providing the services to collect furniture at it’s ‘end-of-life’ and to either find a suitable place for a second life or to break down the product into its components and recycle the materials, to divert products from going to landfill. 

How does it work?

We offer a service to collect existing products to dispose of correctly. After an initial consultation and quotation, our service provider will collect the furniture and take it to their sorting site where they will process the materials - either to Reuse, Rework or Recycle.

A sustainability report will be collated confirming the environmental and financial savings to the environment as well as a case study on how and where the product was reused/recycled

What happens to the products?

Screenshot 2021-02-02 at 16.08.06


Products get sorted into 3 main piles: 

REUSE – Furniture suitable for reuse (main priority) is put onto an online portal for schools and colleges, community groups, charities and NGOs to apply for – there are over 180 different members on this site. 

REWORK – Products will be upcycled and reused. 

RECYCLE – Products that have really reached their end-of-life will be split into components and recycled - 97% of all items are recycled.

What are the benefits? 

• Responsible disposal of products 

• Reduced environmental footprint 

• No landfill taxes 

• Promoting a circular economy 

• Positive contribution to community groups in need 

• Sustainability report and case study to promote positive actions 

Need more information on how you can take a step towards being more sustainable?  

Contact us for more information or tel: 01560 329916.



Oct 28, 2020

As much of the country and the world has switched to home working out of necessity due to restrictions caused by the virus, there have been certain oversights when it comes to safety while working from home.

In the office, there are certain British Standards for office equipment that must be followed, however, in the home office this is not required, despite similar equipment being used. 

For example, recent stats Electrical Safety First show that 67% of people are using extension cables while working from home that has been bought on the high street. These particular extension cables do not follow the same standards as the ones used in the office. 

Other stats from the study: 

44% of people daisy chain sockets

38% of people have more devices plugged in than when in the office

33% of people aren’t aware of the risks of overloading sockets


So, how can we help?

Whether working from the office or from home, it is important to keep your staff safe. By installing a working from home (WFH) kit you can ensure compliance to British Standard BS6396 no matter where you work. We particularly like the OE Electrics WFH ranges that comply with safety standards set in the office.

A few examples of what we can offer: 

PLY On Desk Unit 



PULSE on Desk Unit



Pixeltuf in Desk Unit



Arc - H Through Surface Wireless charger



Qiktray Cabletray Cable Management & Pathfinder Cable Management



Our team are on hand to answer any questions or queries you have - contact us [email protected]

Oct 15, 2020

Prior to the pandemic, prime office space was at a premium and the object was to fit as many people as possible into the space in order to keep overheads to a minimum.

We travelled to work in cars, buses or trains and crowded into stations, lifts and break rooms. Working from home was perceived to be for the lucky few whose job allowed them this freedom or for those who worked for themselves.
Fast forward to post-pandemic 2020 and around 60% of people are working from home – some are lucky to have a home office but many work from dining room tables, breakfast bars or from the sofa with a laptop.
But is WFM (working from home as it has been captioned) all that it is cracked up to be? Many are feeling liberated from the rush hour queues and cramped trains and are loving the extra time freed up in getting to and from work; the convenience of sticking a load in the washing machine while taking a phone call or other household chores that used to be done in a rush before leaving for work or in the evenings.
Others long to return to the structure of the 9-5 routine, catching up with their co-workers and the collaboration of ideas that a busy office brings. For some, it may be the only social interaction they have in a day.


I suppose the big question is whether working from home is as productive as being in an office environment. In the short-term it is hard to judge – some report increased productivity while others find it hard to concentrate and motivate themselves. Was WFM successful for some as they viewed it as a short-term arrangement? Would productivity and standards slip if it were to continue on a more permanent basis? What would happen to health and wellbeing if it were to be a more permanent culture? How would trainees and new staff be mentored by their experienced colleagues?


The answer is based on individual circumstances, type of work and personality. While some have grasped the opportunity of WFH with both hands, others have struggled and long to return to the office. Therefore, it is important that each person and job function is assessed individually going forward before a company decides to downsize their premises and reduce the high cost of rent and rates. Consideration should be given to redesigning the office to include collaboration areas, breakout space and choice of work areas. Systems and IT should be looked at in detail and improvements made with the help of the staff.


The coming months will be an experiment for many organisations and involve a lot of soul-searching to achieve the objectives of the organisation, retain staff and attract new employees. But it is expected that the post-Covid office will be a more flexible space with staff dipping in and out, with the office used more for meetings, connecting and collaboration with colleagues.

Jun 29, 2020

Update to Working Practices – Covid 19

After working for 3 months with skeleton staff, we can confirm that Saxen will be bringing their employees off furlough beginning 1st July and all staff will be working on a part-time or full-time basis, from home.
The showroom will remain closed but arrangements can be made on an appointment basis only if required. 
The Steps We Have Taken for Return to Work (when permitted)
·       installed hand sanitisers in the showroom at the entrance
·       conducted a risk assessment
·       ensured office desks are 2m apart to comply with current guidelines
·       erected signage to remind staff to increase handwashing and surface cleaning
·       increased frequency of cleaning schedules and in particular touch-points
·       introduced flexible working hours
·       limiting passengers in corporate vehicles (solo travel only)
·       using signage for reminders of social distancing
·       staggered break times to ensure single-use of kitchen areas
·       encourage staff to bring their own food and not use shared facilities
·       using MS Teams for meetings instead of face to face meetings where possible
·       advised staff that if they are feeling at all unwell, they should not come into work
Our supply chain is mostly back to normal although in some instances functioning at a reduced capacity, but this is improving on a weekly basis.
Installations have resumed where it is safe to do so and taking account of the social distancing guidelines.
We will continue to monitor the situation and follow the direction given by the Scottish government and will take whatever action is necessary to protect the health of our customers and staff.
Contact us for more information by e-mailing [email protected]

May 12, 2020

As we start to prepare for the ‘new normal’ after much of the world has dramatically changed due to Covid-19, the way we work in offices will be different too. 

Before we return to the office, consider the design of your workplace to adhere to social distancing measures recommended by the government to stop the spread of Covid-19. Saxen are able to help with space planning, social distancing screens and furniture solutions that you can implement in the workplace to help reduce risk and keep your staff safe.

Some of the measures you can take to make your workplace safe to return to after Corona Virus:
-       Social Distancing Measures
-       Creating Physical Barriers
-       Fever Scanning CCTV
-       Door Automation
-       Contactless Access Controls
-       Softphone Telephone Systems
-       Cleaning and Hygiene
Here are some checklists that you can implement:
1. Distancing Measures
Safe distancing
-       Move furniture where possible to separate staff or customers
-       Avoid close back-to-back or face-to-face configurations
-       Split up grouped desking or tables
-       Move desks to utilise wall space
-       Use of barriers between desks
-       Make use of meeting rooms and breakout areas normally used as social gathering areas to add extra desks
-       Encourage employees to email, text or call rather than meeting with co-workers
-       Operate a one-way system in office corridors, use floor vinyls or stickers
-       Stagger break times to stop gatherings at canteens and kitchen areas
-       Consider flexible working hours to stagger start/stop times (lift capacity)
-       Put up signage to remind staff of social distancing rules
-       Staff should not car share unless from the same household
-       If a staff member feels unwell, they should immediately go home and self isolate
Example of a new floorplan:

Social Distancing Plan

2. Creating physical barriers
-       Glazed Sneeze Guards to shield against droplets
-       Acrylic which can be wiped clean with usual disinfectant
-       Acrylic top screens can be added to existing desk screens
-       Standard desk screens in healthcare vinyl with waterproof surface and antimicrobial properties
-       Available to fit any size of desk
Physical Barrier Examples:



3. Cleaning surfaces
Clean and disinfect high touch surfaces thoroughly and frequently:
-       Door handles
-       Light switches
-       Sinks and taps
-       Phones
-       Kitchen surfaces
-       Calculators
-       Keyboards & Mice
-       Bin lids
4. Personal Hygiene
-       Discourage sharing of equipment or suppliers (cups, spoons, milk, coffee etc)
-       Employees to wipe down surfaces
-       Company to increase cleaning schedule and target high touch areas
-       Signage to remind staff to wash hands often and for 20 seconds
-       Use paper towel to turn off taps
-       Use paper towels of air dryers to dry hands, do not share towels
-       Don’t touch your face, eyes, nose or mouth
-       Cover your mouth and nose with inside elbow or tissue when coughing and sneezing
-       Use hand sanitiser when it’s not possible to wash hands
-       Change clothes upon return home and wash at highest temperature recommended on care label
Saxen can provide the following services to help with a safe return to work such as space planning, move management, offsite storage, floor box moves and I.T Moves. Please contact us for more information.

Apr 1, 2020

The way we work and our workspaces have changed over the years. But open-plan offices aren’t without their challenges. Think loud conversations, buzzing technology and other distractions.

Que the introduction of beautiful and practical architectural acoustic solutions into commercial interiors. This furniture solution includes acoustic wall panels, hanging screens and room dividers for open-plan offices, formal meeting rooms, receptions and glass-fronted rooms.


A feature wall that’s also functional? Yes, please! This is likened to an art piece that also absorbs noise which is the result of softer material used. These are used to reduce reverberation and background noise to help create a comfortable working environment. 

Clever Cubism

Using 3D effects you can create a masterpiece that can be used in schools to offices, bringing asymmetrical design, creating a statement piece. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different effects like waves, prisms, cubes and lines for maximum impact.  

Freestyle bespoke

There’s nothing like a bespoke creation to help your office and ultimately your brand stand-out. Create stunning, utterly modern wall and ceiling designs that catch attention. Mix up materials and develop a unique look whilst ensuring acoustic management whatever space. 

Planet aware panels

As the world moves towards greener credentials, eco furniture and acoustic solutions have emerged to match. Like the environmentally friendly and recyclable, FreestyleTM Acoustic Panels which are ideal for projects when there is an eco-conscious consideration to be made. 

Surround sound

Wall hanging panels, which hang at regular intervals can help to break up sound waves across an office, reception or café area. Not only do they create make-shift walls, but they also make a bold and rich statement if you experiment with colour and patterns!

Divide and conquer 

Some of the main noises around the office are people typing at their keyboards and speaking at their desks. A trick is to add in acoustic partitions dividing desks or situated at the workspace that absorbs the noise of typing and conversations. The desk partitions efficiently reduce the noise level, eliminate reverberation in the interiors, and provide a sense of intimacy.


Partition walls allow for space management without the necessity of building permanent walls. Often cited disadvantages of the open-plan office are lack of privacy and noise. Panels and office walls allow to designate smaller zones within a big office and at the same time create spaces of a specific purpose. 

Light-up the room 

Two-birds one stone, so to speak. Adding acoustic panels to your lights is the perfect mix, and that’s exactly what LightSound is. Developed with the worker's well-being in mind, LightSound combines functionality with styling, allowing you to furnish your space with the utmost freedom of configuration while ensuring outstanding technical performance levels.

For information about how we can help you introduce acoustics into your workplace, contact us here.  

Mar 16, 2020

Due to the ongoing pandemic caused by Covid-19, we have introduced some measures to mitigate the risks for our staff and customers. Please read the action plan below.

Our COVID-19 Action Plan
Following the UK Prime Ministers announcement last night, we can confirm that our showroom is closed temporarily until the lockdown is lifted. Once the government allows us to re-open we will be in touch with regards to orders and deliveries. 

However, we still have skeleton staff in the office - if you can forward any enquiries to [email protected] we will be happy to deal with them. We are continually monitoring government advice and will re-assess the situation again on 14th April.

Other actions that are being taken: 

·     Large internal meetings have been cancelled
·     Telephone meetings are being offered to customers instead of in-person
·     Non-essential meetings (with supplier representatives etc) have been cancelled
·     NHS and government communications are circulated to staff and suppliers on a regular basis
·     We are in constant communication with our supply chain so that we can advise our customers of any shortages or delays
·     Staff have been informed of the symptoms of Covid-19 and what they should do if they don’t feel well.
·     We are also promoting a care approach, to check on elderly and vulnerable family, friends and neighbours
We will continue to monitor the situation and follow the direction given by the government and will take whatever action is necessary to protect the health of our customers and staff.

Contact us for more information.

Jan 31, 2020

Saxen organised a successful event centred around the theme of wellness. 

On the 30th January, we hosted an event in our showroom ‘Haggis, Neeps & Pilates’ with a theme centred around ‘Wellness’.

The day was well attended by industry professionals and featured great discussions and idea-sharing.

We organised tours for attendees around the MYB Textiles, a lace factory that is based near our HQ that produces world-renowned madras and Nottingham lace.

Some of the furniture featured in our showroom on the day was provided by Ocee Design and Knightsbridge. Ocee Design held an interesting workshop on wellbeing at work which explored what wellbeing was, how to achieve it and its impacts on us.

Karen from The Pilates Room ran a pilates class (slow easy movements as everyone was in workwear!) and taught attendees relaxation techniques. We also had tasty canapes that paid homage to Robert Burns by Alisdair Hood, Cottage Catering.

The day was a massive success and we are excited to be planning another event for later this year!

You can view images from the day in our gallery below.

Sep 2, 2019

Saxen has been awarded two certification accreditations. 

Saxen are proud to announce that the company has been awarded both the ISO 9001:2015 accreditation for Quality Management and ISO 14001:2015 accreditation for Environmental Management, highlighting our commitment to continually improve our products and services while reducing our impact on the environment through energy-saving and recycling.

ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Standard is fundamental to our operations at every level and focuses on developing and delivering products and services that meet customer requirements with the aim of improving customer satisfaction.

The internationally acknowledged ISO 14001 Environmental Management System certification recognises companies that have adopted environmentally responsible practices in their business processes and strives to minimise our environmental footprint.

This is a major milestone for Saxen and reflects the responsibility that our management has always taken to ensure that we look after our employees, customers and our business at all times through the practice of continual improvement.

Apr 1, 2019

Our March Campaign features the Capsule Chair from Palau.

Our March advert for Business HQ Magazine literally went out of this world. The 9th edition of the magazine left the Earth's atmosphere this month, before falling back down to the surface when its carrying balloon burst, with our advert inside! You can watch the moment here.

For this campaign, we wanted to include a space-themed advert and decided on the spectacular Capsule Chairs from Palau, that slightly resemble being in a space capsule.

Capsule soft seating collection offers a stylish solution to the increasing need for concentration and privacy in office environments. In an atmosphere of security, comfort, and innovation you can make phone calls or read without being disturbed. The collection creates privacy without being completely cut off from the surroundings.

You can view some of the images of the Capsule Collection below. Contact us on [email protected] for more information.

Mar 20, 2019

We were recently in the beautiful country of Hungary completing an amazing installation for a client in the capital city of Budapest.

Our global client requested some collaborative, agile working meeting areas to compliment the office space, so it was essential we got the combination of products right for them.

We installed a Verco high Martin table next to a wall mounted TV for meetings and conference calls paired with Miura high stools, which were chosen for their angular contemporary design.

In the meeting rooms we fitted tilt top mobile tables by Mercol, which allowed our client to cater for any number of people in the room and provided flexibility for it also to be used as a training room.

The soft seating was by Swedish manufacturer Johanson Design and was used in three breakout/meeting areas within the workspace.

The height adjustable desks by Mercol were the perfect fit for the agile working environment.

You can view the photos from our install below.

Jan 29, 2019


Open offices bring great benefits like bright spaces, collaboration and space but also challenges without walls to divide, open plan offices can be noisy with no privacy. With organisations changing so fast, offices need a smart way to repurpose spaces quickly and cheaply.

Palasides ll from Spacestor was created to meet this need. It offers a new way of dividing zones in a light and minimalist way. Its design can be customised with biophilia, shelving and other accessories and can grow to any size, making new architectures around or even over your desk; your imagination is the limit!

Taking inspiration from the great mid-century modernist Californian designer Muriel Coleman, Palisades ll brings Coleman’s light, harmonious aesthetic into the ever-evolving workspace.

You can view some the images of Palasides ll below and on their website, https://spacestor.com/ - Contact us on [email protected] for more information.


Nov 19, 2018


Open spaces require clever furniture solutions to create privacy. In busy working environments there is a need for furniture that encourages social interaction, intimate meeting places, privacy, and places of refuge where focus and concentration can happen.


Harc, from Ocee Design, was created to encourage the basic need of listening by cutting out or reducing the surrounding noise with its clever design. The name Harc echoes the arc shape with its sweeping curves that wrap around to create a warm and cosy enclosure. Living up to their design mantra that ‘Everybody should be able to work, learn, meet or be entertained in the most beautiful, comfortable, creative and productive spaces.’

Spec: Harc is styled with sophisticated low and high back sofas, all designed on leg frames either in wood or aluminium. The range comes in different variations – sofas, privacy booths for teams to work at or the single chair.

To view a selection of seating options, please visit our > Breakout & Soft Seating < page, or why not visit our retail website www.saxen.co.uk for more inspiration?

May 2, 2018

Of all the design trends to hit the workplace, Biophilic Design is probably one of the healthiest.

The term Biophilia, meaning love of nature, focuses on human’s innate attraction to nature and natural processes. With the current increase in urbanisation, human beings have become separated from nature, which has caused an increase in stress-related illnesses.

The relationship between individuals and their environment can be a crucial determinant of how they feel, perform and interact with others. For employers, the importance of workplace design, a space where we spend many of our waking hours, is becoming more of a priority as we realise that this relationship between individuals and their environment is important to our overall health and productivity.

Biophilic Design incorporates direct or indirect elements of nature into the built environment we spend so many of our hours in. Research has shown that Biophilic Design in the workplace reduces stress, blood pressure levels and heart rates, increases productivity and improves well being of staff.

We have hand-picked some of our Biophilic Design’s that can integrate into your workspace:

Apr 4, 2018

We are already looking out our tartan for the Kiltwalk taking place on the 29th April.

We will be doing the ‘Wee Wander’, which lasts 6-miles and goes around Moss O Balloch Park, in support of Centrestage. You too can help Centrestage combat social isolation and loneliness and take a Wee Wander with their team on Sunday 29th April and help make a difference. This year their aim is to raise funds for their first ever Centrestage Bus – The Fun, Food, Folk Bus, which aims to help eliminate social isolation and loneliness.

For more information please call Centrestage on 01563 551505 and ask for either Frank, Michelle or Kim, their Kiltwalk ambassadors who’ll be more than happy to help. Please check out their website here.

Mar 9, 2018


As open plan offices continue to be the go-to of office design, the need for areas to have meetings, team working and a little privacy becomes important. That’s why dens, pods, and booths are the perfect pieces of office furniture to provide a breakout area in an otherwise open space.

Breakout areas have evolved over the last few years and rather than a formal meeting or boardroom, many companies are opting to have these informal breakout spaces. A place to huddle, meet, chat and exchange ideas. High back booths, pods, and dens also have acoustic properties and provide privacy with their sound-proofing walls, making the area a little more quiet and the perfect place to hide from your boss. (Just kidding...)

Here at Saxen the Works we have cherry-picked our favourite pods and booths currently out there, which you can see in the gallery below. Available in a wide range of fabric options including imitation wood, fabric made from nettles, tartans, synthetic fabrics or wool mixes, the pods and booths can be coordinated to fit your space. If you would like to know more about, email us on [email protected]

Dec 18, 2017


For our client, the main aim was to make each space in this office project as modern as possible, without taking away from the buildings original features. They wanted to preserve features such as the cornice and the fireplace which add character to the office, without taking away from the furniture design. 

The Works by Saxen introduced furniture to the office that compliments the buildings beautiful features. We used a Buronomic table for the Boardroom and striking blue Tas Chairs by Pledge. The reception is also by Buronomic and has a Verco Salt chair, this seating was also used for the open plan office. Finally, we used the Mesh Mirus Chair and Lii Visitor Chairs for the main office to add a nice breakout space in the room. 

View our photos, by Tom Cairns Photography here:


Jun 26, 2017


The Centre director's goal was to create attractive, comfortable yet practical modular seating zones for customers at The Centre, Livingston. That's where The Works by Saxen stepped in. We supplied and installed 54 bespoke units of contemporary modular bench seating which offers the Centre the flexibility they required.

The Saxen team are delighted to have received positive feedback from the client, the shops and customers alike for our installation crew and the products. 

Apr 5, 2017


Whether you're looking to create a sun-trapped chill-out zone, a space to enjoy alfresco dining, or seeking to refresh your venue's outdoor spaces for dining or relaxing, the latest trends in outdoor furnishing are a long way from white plastic tables and deck-chairs. Our outdoor spaces are now treated as an extension of our homes or workspaces - a place that welcomes entertainment, dining and relaxation.

Style and quality needn't be compromised as readers will see from our April Trends selections. In addition to stunning outdoor chairs, sofas, tables and even bars, well lit exterior spaces provide a wonderful opportunity to embrace warm summer nights. From illuminated garden pots to LED lit sofas and tables, there are many open-air lighting solutions available to help create a magical atmosphere.

Below are some examples to inspire outdoor living - we invite you to visit our Ayrshire showroom discover more options for your outside spaces.

Feb 22, 2017


Mention Italy and a particular sort of effortless glamour comes immediately to mind. In a country where even the police uniforms are designed by Armani, it isn't surprising that they take their interior design very seriously. That's why our February Trends looks at some of the hottest Italian manufacturers.

Office upgrading or redesign may not be quite as simple as throwing together your favourite pasta dish - but it doesn't have to cost the earth - you simply need have the right ingredients to get started. 

Below are some examples to inspire la dolce vita  - we invite you to visit our Ayrshire showroom to see and feel for yourself the value of stunning Italian design.

Oct 15, 2016


Italian office furniture manufacturer, Quinti's Infinity range of desks, storage and tables is characterised by the skilful capability in using the leather, stitched with craftsmanship and combined with the warm finishing of the wood.

The Infinity range includes meeting tables with elegant lines and wide dimensions, executive desks with essential and refined styling, bookcases, pedestals and accessories. The cone-shaped steel leg is available in the following finishes: chrome, dark chrome and white painted.

To view a selection of seaking options, please visit our  > Desking < page, or why not visit our showroom for more information on our exciting ranges?

Sep 14, 2016


The Love Chair is a fully upholstered and super comfortable lounge chair with four solid timber legs that offer a domestic look and feel to this Deadgood favourite.

Each chair is handmade using traditional techniques and features either their trademark 'Love Button' detailing, a more traditional round button detail in a new linear configuration (pictured) or no buttons at all. The product bears all of Deadgood's classic trademarks including an exceptional design style, an uncompromising commitment to quality and a slightly eccentric tongue in cheek twist.

The Collection can be found in libraries, universities, offices and airport lounges around the UK and beyond.

To view a selection of seating options, please visit our  > Breakout & Soft Seating < page, or why not visit our showroom for more information on our exciting ranges?

Sep 12, 2016



As sponsors of the local Newmilns Food Festival, The Works by Saxen have been involved heavily in the organisation and marketing of this event. We care deeply about our community and being actively involved in the local Regeneration Association is a significant part of our CSR approach. As part of our involvement, our MD is on the organising committee and our team designed the event programme. We're proud to help put Newlmilns on the map.

The > NEWMILNS FOOD FESTIVAL < is on from 11 am to 5 pm on Saturday 17 September - and we would love to see you there.

Advert featured in the event programme: Smallroom, by Offecct is a sofa that can be used together in different modules or standing alone. The design of Smallroom is characterised by a “box” on the side which can be used for placing plants or as a working surface with optional power devices. The back of the sofa can be compared to a high wall functioning as a sort of protection when one is seated, and creates the impression of a smaller room. However, the height of the back is not compromising with the volume of the surrounding room. Smallroom is offered with different back and side heights, which provide the architect a possibility to create environments that evoke interest, through the help of different dimensions.

In contemporary office environments one often talk about active areas; where different kinds of work, conversations and meetings can take place. Smallroom is developed in accordance with this and invites individually or group activities at work.

To view a selection of seating options, please visit our  > Breakout & Soft Seating < page, or why not visit our showroom for more information on our exciting ranges?


Sep 6, 2016


The Works by Saxen are delighted to be one of the main sponsors of the very first Newmilns Food Festival. Organised by the charity, Newmilns Regeneration Association, this event promises to showcase the best of local food and drink.

Showcasing everything from Fenwick chillies to Mauchline ales in a covered marketplace to ensure even bad weather cannot spoil the day.

So if you fancy a flavoursome lunch, do drop by the event.

Aug 15, 2016



The Scottish Business Exhibition will be held this November at The Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre (SECC) in Glasgow.

This is a free-to-attend event and, what is more, an excellent range of entrepreneurs and business leaders will be there sharing their experiences. These include experts from Companies House, Clydesdale Bank and the Intellectual Property Office.

This whole event, including full access to all of the seminars and workshops is completely free! There are well over 100 exhibitors too.

The Works by Saxen are exhibiting at Stand D13.

Do drop by and see us!

Aug 4, 2016


The EarChair is what happens when furniture is designed while keeping in mind the idea that it should behave like a room.

The final result is a chair which behaves like a private space – a proper resting place in the middle of the hustle-and-bustle of busy workplaces, a flexible & social meeting ground that can exist almost anywhere. The EarChair delivers a well-resolved acoustic that lets you be yourself in your own personal space - in a room within a room.

It is here, in the open public space, where you can have a personal conversation, make a telephone call or listen privately to what you choose. The integrated armrest table of the EarChair also offers a useful place for you to enjoy your coffee, write your notes, or work on your laptop. No matter how many chairs or how big the room actually is, the EarChair's unique variations of colour and fabric choice allows for every room to take on its own personal character.

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Jul 7, 2016


High tech furnishings might conjure up a vision of exposed cables, but much has changed over the last few years and technology now serves to make a space more inviting, comfortable, flexible and productive, therefore, more profitable.

The trend towards these high-tech environments has already been embraced by global chains such as McDonald’s, Costa and Starbucks who have recognised that the addition of wireless charging stations drives increased footfall to their venues. This intelligent technology meets the demands of mobile device users to stay powered up on the move – simply pop in for a coffee and recharge.

Charging units can be installed discretely into a variety of interior products such as soft-seating, cafe tables, bar tops, desking, bedside tables and accessories for hospitality, office and home – adding extra functionality to any environment. The slimline chargers come with sleek polished or leather surrounds and introduce accessible charging without the need for cables cluttering spaces. Taken a step further, businesses can add their venues to an app which allows users to identify locations where they can charge and go.

Advances in high-tech furniture can also be seen in the commercial interiors lighting industry. Smart lighting can be integrated into soft-seating pods for breakout spaces, and incorporated into desking solutions. Research has shown that companies investing in this technology help to increase productivity by reducing fatigue associated with conventional lighting. Manufacturers have adopted mood lighting options with a variety of power and colour settings to allow the user to tailor the light to their own specific needs. Energy efficient features, such as presence detectors and sensor controlled lighting, mean that not only are these products effective in improving the wellbeing of users, but they also reduce power bills… which will help pay for that over-priced latte as we power up.

Jul 4, 2016


The Manhattan Collection is a versatile modular system with clean lines and a contemporary style, with a steel leg or show wood leg detail.

A multitude of configurations can be achieved incorporating chairs, sofas, bench seats and seating booths. The system is based on three main elements: seat module, screen and plinth. These create the main assemblies onto which arms, legs and headrests can be added. For added value, why not add in an Aircharge wireless charging into the armrest - making sure you are always powered up and ready to go?

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Jun 9, 2016



Functionality and technology are increasingly dominating the way we style domestic and commercial spaces.

Accessorising the work place and home is now simpler than ever, with a wide range of accessories and smart product design delivering the opportunity to bring in personality or mood to the environment.

There are many exciting options available that will complement an existing space while also enhancing function, style and design. The CBOX pedestal from Dieffebi is a perfect example of function meeting form adding value to a workspace. The stylish little ped variety of colours and finishes, and simply by adding the optional cushion allows it to double as a spare mobile seat for informal meetings.

Technology advancements also offer enhanced environments. In a world where people are constantly connected to digital devices such as mobile phones and tablets, the launch of wireless charging solutions to the market opens up a wealth of new product adaptions. Aircharge, wireless charging experts have produced just such a range. Their flagship Z-Bar ergonomic desk light now incorporates Qi charging technology. This desirable accessory is up for grabs in an array of funky colours – an ideal way to add personality to your workspace.

Great things come in small packages, and the Carry On stool is no exception. This portable seating solution combines traditional materials and craftsmanship with contemporary design and function, and is ideal for flexible working and domestic spaces where occasional seating is required. Produced in a variety of colours and fabrics, this designer stool is a superb accessory to add a punch of colour and designer presence without breaking the bank.


Jun 4, 2016


Carry On is a portable seating solution that works perfectly by itself but also as a complement to other products.

Carry On is designed by Mattias Stenberg who has a strong belief in the need of flexible working places in the public space. Today we work more in projects and need environments that can be easily adapted to different needs. Carry On is not only physically flexible; it also signals to the user how it should be used by the handle on top. Carry On has round but simple forms and combines traditional materials and craftsmanship with contemporary design and functions. It gives a tailored impression with stitching that communicates good craftsmanship. It is easy to stack Carry On, which means that it does not have to be stored elsewhere when not used.

Spec: Frame in wood with cold foam. Floor plate in lacquered, coloured MDF. Upholstered in fabric or leather. Standard leather Elmo Soft. High compressed handle in white pigmented massive ash, casted fitting in zinc.

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May 12, 2016



Montparnasse is an easy chair designed by the French designer Christophe Pillet. Pillet got inspired by, amongst other products, ordinary camping gear and has then added elegance and quality - which has created Montparnasse.

“This easy chair is designed with the ambition of using less material. Traditionally, easy chairs, like other furniture, are based on the idea of quantity, which is not at all updated to our contemporary time. It’s unbelievable, a shame, that quality and status is still valued in terms of size and quantity in cars, sofas, bathrooms etcetera. We developed this chair with a high-tech textile mounted on a mechanical construction, making the easy chair light, while using minimal amounts of material. It’s inspired by camping gear and military furniture. The exciting challenge has been to apply the cleverness and economical thinking of camping gear, but with the comfort and finish of high-end domestic furniture. It is about providing people with space, being light and transparent in the contemporary environment.”

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Apr 12, 2016


Workspaces are becoming more open, flexible environments, taking inspiration from domestic interiors. The Noah collection creates a relaxed breakout area as well as a contemporary timeless aesthetic to an atrium or lounge. This collection celebrates the craft of the British manufacturing industry, using traditional techniques to produce contemporary timeless pieces.

Noah was influenced by the iconic styles of 50’s British and Danish design whilst considering emerging trends within design and the working environment.

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Mar 12, 2016



The range comprises six fully upholstered pieces: A single and double ottoman, a classic tub chair and sofa as well as high back wing version, available as chair and sofa. Lux features elegant sewing details, buttons in the back and tapered solid oak legs. A complementary table range is available.

The new soft seating range is very versatile in use, ideal for the fast paced work environment. Different combinations and configurations create flexible space for all kinds of purposes: discussing, presenting, brainstorming as well as concentrating and relaxing. Designed by Jason Lansdale.

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Jan 19, 2016


Offecct's Netrame easy chair is the start of our January advertising campaigns.

Netframe is a sofa and an easy chair designed by the duo Cate & Nelson. Cate & Nelson’s idea behind Netframe was to create a piece of furniture that consumes as little material as possible while maintaining a high comfort.

”In order to succeed with this challenge we had to turn everything upside down in the development process. We wanted it to be easy to produce with minimal time and material usage”, says Nelson Ruiz-Acal, one half of Cate & Nelson.

Netframe was developed into a very comfortable piece of furniture with extremely low impact on the environment. Cate & Nelson believe it is important to see the wholeness in their design, that the product is responsible at all stages; from production to usage, which is very apparent in their design of Netframe.

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Oct 12, 2015


The Tailor chair has a beautiful character with an exceptionally comfortable shape and many well-designed details. It can easily be disassembled and dressed in different fabrics.

"Different patterns for clothes have inspired me in my work on Tailor, and this gives the chair a unique character. The way the seat and the backrest are put together are highlighted with buttons, an important aesthetically detail. The buttons are the same shape as the buttons that were on a coat my grandmother used to wear. A small detail which means a lot to me. Every part of this chair is designed for maximum comfort. You could say that the chair is tailored for the body", says Louise Hederström.

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Aug 5, 2015


Martin rectangular desks provide a less formal and more friendly style of furniture for the modern office or executive space.

Frames are available in solid oak or walnut with tops available in real wood veneer to match, or in a combination of laminate with solid wood edge profiles.

This feature is also taken through to the modesty panel which also shows the same attention to detail and the solid wood edge profile.

The Works offer a wide range of desking solutions. To view a selection, please visit our  > Desking < page, or why not visit our showroom for more information on what's available?

Jul 11, 2015


HenRay is a sharp and stylish range of modular soft seating created by Ocee. Awarded the Design Guild Mark in May 2015, HenRay was Henry Gurney's first furniture collection. The Design Guild Mark recognises excellence in furniture design and is judged by a distinguished panel of experts.
High back seating units offer comfort and privacy and suite perfectly with low back seating, benches and tables. Curved seating modules and booths complete the extensive collection to create large landscape configurations ideal for meeting and public spaces.
The Works offer a wide range of soft seating solutions. To view a selection, please visit our > Soft Seating < page, or why not visit our showroom for more information on what's available?

May 25, 2015


The minimalist allure of chrome perimeter structure of Frame combined with the chromatic detailing and beautiful selection of tops, in melamine or white and black glass – represents a new way of interpreting workspaces and furnishing both executive and professional offices. See the full Frame range > here < The Works offer a wide range of desking solutions. To view a selection, please visit our > Desking < page, or why not visit our showroom for more information on what's available?

Apr 8, 2015


The unique, cubist shape of this reception desk is not only contemporary, but offers a compact yet dramatic statement to your reception space. Two overlapping rectangles available in four colour variants (white, green, red and orange) create the front of the counter. The high gloss of the inset panels contrast with the matt body, and the desk top – available in white or chestnut. The compact Foro reception desk offers enough space for essential devices and stationery. The Works offer a wide range of reception solutions. To view a selection, please visit our > Receptions < page, or why not visit our showroom for more information on what's available?

Mar 1, 2015


This executive system is distinguished by the cabinet that beside supporting the desk and providing a comprehensive plan of service, it serves a dual containment function: externally with open shelves, inside with drawers and space for the hard-disk. All this with an aesthetic and important look at the same time, able to stand in line with many different stylistic contexts.
The Works offer a wide range of desking solutions. To view a selection, please visit our > Desking < page, or why not visit our showroom for more information on what's available?

Feb 13, 2015


Vogue is a sexy new office furniture range from Italian manufacturer Sinetica using a combination of wood, glass and metal materials to create contemporary, clean lines. A variety of lacquered shades give flexibility to the range which makes it easily adaptable for any project. Inserts can be created using top grade leather to add warmth and create a truly unique product.
If a pink desk is what you have been searching for (or grey, blue, green or even yellow) then the Vogue range is an excellent choice. To view a selection, please visit our > Desking < page, or why not visit our showroom for more information on what's available?

Feb 13, 2015


Hub South West Scotland delivered another two successful BIM events at The Works' showroom on 12 Feb 2015 - an ideal environment for A&D sector seminars and workshops.
The morning presentation, titled: Managing Asbestos Risk, was led by Colin McCartney of Damada Asbestos Removals from East Kilbride, and covered health hazards, asbestos uses in buildings, legislative background and sampling, surveys and training.
The afternoon event delivered an introduction to Building Information Modelling for Construction Professionals - presenting a gentle introduction to the collaborative world of BIM, the advantages it offers and the challenges it poses for construction professionals. It covered many of the terms and concepts that are used and gave a better understanding of what it all means and how it affects the industry.
Attendees enjoyed a light lunch and coffee and participated in a lively Q&A session after both events - taking advantage of the relaxed setting, and afterwards enjoyed a tour of the building, our newest showroom and a sampling of what The Works has to offer.

Jan 8, 2015


Cbox is a multi-functional metal storage unit which can be transformed into an eye-catching furnishing element and a mobile stool. Available in a wide range of colours for functional and lively solutions, perfect for both homes and offices.
The Works offer a wide range of storage solutions. To view a selection, please visit our > Storage < page, or why not visit our showroom for more information on what's available?

Nov 8, 2014


Yo offers a flexible and smart way to work in a customised habitat. This is the design idea which inspired YO, the innovative furniture system which corresponds to several functional and operational needs: workstation, open space, meeting area, executive and reception. A dynamic system with a range of surface finishes, including linen textures, as see in our advert.
The Works offer a wide range of desking solutions. To view a selection, please visit our > Desking < page, or why not visit our showroom for more information on what's available?

Oct 31, 2014


A spectacular evening of glamour, burlesque entertainment, delicious food, plentiful wine and superb company was enjoyed as The Works' team of Chris Arkley led the way with guests from C2 Concepts, Cooper Cromar, Elevate, Harmony Ridge Designs, Keppie Design, Mesh Office Seating and Three Collective.
The Works, who sponsored the event, supplied a range of soft seating from top manufacturers such as Deadgood, Mesh Office Seating, Quadrifoglio and Ocee and nifty poseur tables fitted with the innovative Aircharge wireless charging units - to ensure that no one in the house ran out of phone juice.
The auction was a resounding success as hands were raised enthusiastically to buy up the stunning works of art donated by many big names in the business - raising a fantastic £22,000 for the beneficiary charities. We're sure Enable Scotland and Glasgow School of Art Fire Fund will be delighted at the great support shown.

We'll be posting a selection of photos from the event soon... watch this space!

Oct 2, 2014

The Works by Saxen are delighted to be sponsoring the first Glasgow based ‘Architecture Meets Art’ event (16-29 October, 2014). 

No strangers to the architect sector, The Works are exhibiting an assortment of top European designed furniture, lighting and accessories. The Works are located just south of Glasgow in a recently converted Victorian lace mill. The former industrial building was in a state of disrepair before their team of designers, space planners and builders transformed the neglected exterior to its former glory and converted the interior to a showcase for innovative commercial furniture from across Europe’s most renowned designers. Suspended galvanised ducting, clever lighting and exposed brickwork accents deliver a powerful backdrop to the displays.

The event, which celebrates our local talent and diversity, artistically, architecturally and culturally, will raise funds for Enable Scotland and Glasgow School of Art – both causes that are close to The Works team’s hearts.

Visitors to the event will be able to view a showcase of the latest furniture trends and innovative commercial interior products, including state-of-the-art Aircharge wireless charging solutions at the gala dinner on the 28theof October.

Chris Arkley, Sales Director said “The AmeetsA event has really inspired us. We have close working ties with the architect community and feel this is a great opportunity to support Scottish talent – particularly in a year where the world’s eyes are on Glasgow. We’ve collaborated with Enable Scotland in the past and our design director is an alumina of Glasgow School of Art – it’s an honour to support these causes which are so close to our hearts."

Oct 1, 2014


Innovative design leading to inspiring breakout areas, spirit has a refined and inviting form, without losing versatility and comfort. Spirit also offers show-wood versions, adding further elegance by enhancing the upholstery detail.

The Works offer a wide range of breakout and soft seating solutions. To view a selection, please visit our  > Breakout & Soft Seating < page, or why not visit our showroom for more information on what's available?

Sep 27, 2014


Saxen is going from strength to strength, and to celebrate our 5th birthday we've treated ourselves to a new frock... well, a new logo and website, really.

We're still providing the best service and continuing to build new relationships with manufacturers, designers and customers. Look out for our glam new look at events across the country.

Aug 24, 2014


The 2014 Cream of Ayrshire Awards will be held at Brigadoon House Hotel, Alloway on Thursday 2nd October. As previous winners of the award (2012), The Works by Saxen are delighted to be sponsoring the Best Workplace category.

*** EDIT ***
Award was presented to Rathbone, Kilmarnock and presented to Margaret Bryson and Lyndsay Lewis. Congratulations from The Works by Saxen.

Apr 16, 2014

The new range of Cove chairs is due to arrive in our showroom next week

One big family: the Quadrifoglio COVE chair range has one seating type and a common and distinctive design across many products, creating visual harmony while supporting multiple ways of working. An essential design that enhances the purity and sinuosity of the seat. The strong and flexible shell in polypropylene comes in 6 vibrant finishes or fully upholstered, offering an excellent seating comfort. COVE creates a consistent extensions of the range across ten types of frames.

The collection is completed by a wide range of tables and coffee tables with metal or wood structures in various sizes and shapes. The Cove family has been designed to create harmony in different types of interiors: canteen or bars, hotel halls or houses, conference or boardroom, work spaces or outdoor.

See a selection in our showroom from the end of April 2014.

Mar 22, 2014

The Saxen showroom are delighted to be displaying the new HenRay Sofa, designed by Henry Gurney

HenRay is a sharp and stylish range of soft seating created by the Ocee. A high back unit offers comfort and privacy and suites perfectly with a two-seater low back and bench unit. The curved units also offer high and low back options and a glass-topped table completes the collection. HenRay’s modular system can be used to form large landscape configurations that are ideal for meeting and public spaces.

Visit our showroom to experience the HenRay for yourself.