Apr 1, 2019

Our March Campaign features the Capsule Chair from Palau.

Our March advert for Business HQ Magazine literally went out of this world. The 9th edition of the magazine left the Earth's atmosphere this month, before falling back down to the surface when its carrying balloon burst, with our advert inside! You can watch the moment here.

For this campaign, we wanted to include a space-themed advert and decided on the spectacular Capsule Chairs from Palau, that slightly resemble being in a space capsule.

Capsule soft seating collection offers a stylish solution to the increasing need for concentration and privacy in office environments. In an atmosphere of security, comfort, and innovation you can make phone calls or read without being disturbed. The collection creates privacy without being completely cut off from the surroundings.

You can view some of the images of the Capsule Collection below. Contact us on [email protected] for more information.

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