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Furniture Removal and Recycling Scheme

Do you have redundant office furniture or IT equipment that you would like to dispose of responsibly? Saxen offers a furniture take-back scheme where we will recycle your old furniture and IT equipment, as part of our Regener8 initiative.

Our Regener8 project aims to reduce your environmental footprint. We provide services to collect furniture at its ‘end-of-life’. We aim to either find a suitable place for a second life or to break down the product into its components and recycle the materials, which diverts the products from landfill. 

This helps to create a circular economy. Where products are re-used or repaired, to extend their useful life and when their life is deemed over, the component parts are reused to create new products from old.

Furniture & IT Equipment - re-using, recycling and reworking.

We offer a service to collect unwanted furniture products and IT equipment to dispose of correctly. After an initial consultation and quotation, we will collect the furniture and take it to our sorting site where we will process the materials - either to Reuse, Rework or Recycle.

A sustainability report will be collated confirming the environmental and financial savings to the environment as well as a case study on how and where the products were reused/recycled.


What happens to the furniture

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The products will then get sorted into 3 main categories: 

Reuse – Furniture suitable for reuse (main priority) is offered to our database of schools and colleges, community groups, charities and NGOs

Rework – Products can be upcycled and reused. 

Recycle – Products that have really reached their end-of-life will be split into components and recycled.

Benefits of recycling furniture

• Creates a circular economy through responsible disposal of products 

• Reduced environmental footprint 

• No landfill taxes 

• Promoting a circular economy 

• Positive contribution to community groups in need 

• Sustainability report and case study to promote positive actions 


If you would like to arrange a consultation for the recycling of your old furniture please get in touch with us via email: [email protected] or call us on 01560 329916.